All your social media...

  • ...on one screen. Involve colleagues and clients.

  • ...always and everywhere. In contact with your target audience.

  • ...without logging in. Always up-to-date.

On board

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Your corporate identity...

... every detail.

We understand like no-one else the importance of a recognizable corporate identity. In fact, we work to perfect your corporate identity, do you need curly lines and some shadow somewhere? Then you will get it from us.

...what happens online right now

We can't call it real time yet, but we are very close to that. Every social media platform gets refreshed very often to the newest data. So what you see if always up-to-date.


... on any device.

You have a smartphone. Ofcourse! You work on a laptop, pc or maybe both. It doesn't matter. Social Media Signage Feed is made in a way that it adjusts itself to your screen. This way you are always up to date on what is being said about you

Unique composition

.. of your content.

Your company is unique. You communicate your own mix of content. You probably have your own specific requirements. No problem. We create a custom Social Media Signage for you. A Social Media Signage is always custom and unique like you!

Always and everywhere.

... without logging in.

With the Social Media Signage Feed you can follow all you social media. On any screen. And the best part you don't need to log in!. One click and you are there, even the not-so-social-savvy CEO will keep up to date with social media

Social Media Signage supports following platforms:

More coming, #staytuned

Who ? social media signage?

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